Libertarian Youth Caucus

What we do


We represent the interests of libertarian youth and young professionals to members of the Libertarian Party and its candidates.


Through chapter formation, we aim to build communities made for and led by the next generation of candidates and activists in the LP.


Campaign volunteer work, community service, peer-to-peer education, and large scale activism are central features of the LYC.

Our goals by 2021

40+ activism events

From advocating for criminal justice reform to spreading awareness about our out-of-control national debt, the LYC wants to make waves!


Now that we're relaunching, we're growing faster than ever! The LYC is here to promote issues important to young Libertarians across the US!.

6 endorsed candidates

The LYC is proud of the candidates who are working to advance libertarian interests across the country. Follow our social media for more!