Libertarian Youth Caucus

There Is A Lack of Partisan Libertarian Outreach Directed Towards Americas Youth

America has many organizations that exist to spread the ideals of libertarianism to the next generation. However, as they are mostly operating as non-partisan organizations, without an intentional connection to the Libertarian Party, large-scale political activism is inefficient and, because of that, in many cases nonexistent. Students in these organizations may enjoy learning about libertarianism and debating their friends, but they are not being equipped to make change in the broader world.

That is where the Libertarian Youth Caucus steps in. The LYC seeks not just to spread the message of liberty to America’s youth but to cultivate future leaders and candidates for the Libertarian Party. Our members go out into the world with party connections, knowledge of actual campaigns, and the toolset to start channeling their ideals into real-world action.

What We Do:


We charter state, county, and school-level affiliates to ensure all libertarian youth will always be able to get involved in the LYC and the Libertarian Party and start their journey of making the world a freer place.


We support our affiliates with resources like graphic designs or flyers, financial means to pursue activities on the ground, and, most importantly, guidance on how to go about building a libertarian community.


We integrate our members with the Libertarian Party, helping them work on actual campaigns, make real change, and get involved in an organization they can work with long after being considered a youth.

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