Whether you’re a member, a Local Affiliate leader, involved in your State Affiliate, or just looking to learn more, the LYC has plenty of resources below for everyone!

LYC Organizational Guide

The Libertarian Youth Caucus Organizational Guide contains everything you need to learn about the LYC and get started in our organization! It is highly recommended that you read this first no matter what you are interested in doing.

Social Media Templates

LP Action

(An official LP website with branding guidance)

Logo Pack


National LYC Bylaws

Sample State Affiliate Bylaws

Sample Local Affiliate Bylaws

Sample Affiliate Cover Letter

Liberty Bot

LibertyBot is a community service project created by Theodore Gercken for libertarian discord servers. It is privacy focused, requiring no perms or data storing. It is the ultimate LP application with features to tie the libertarian internet community together on Discord.